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i dont know why i chose this color...maybe because its the color of poo! eww! just kidding.

talkin about gross.... i wanna throw up..... my stomach feels sick.... and i'm not

anyways today i realized that i'm not gonna pass my biology class with flying colors. 
its so sad! :(   ::::tears:::::  i may just end up getting a "D"  yeah i know that sucks! anyhow
the only class i may get an "A" in is my music class, but i still have to turn in my unit plan and
do my presentation.

i may not get a passing grade in biology but at least i learned things. yay! 

for example: the reproduction process. 
"if you have three sex organisms; a, b, and c. and if  "a" is doing it to "b" then who is "c" 
doing it to? so this answers the question of why we only have TWO sexes and not 
three or more"

also learned that condoms come in not only latex BUT in animal intestines as well for
those individuals who are too sensitive to the latex material. 

and that cleopatra prevented pregnancy through douching with camel dung!!!! i know 
its very gross and quite interesting, too!

oh well i guess i will retake the course at least i know what to expect now. 

oh and i almost forgot to post this........
i'm getting married!!!!!
so excited!!!!!i will give details later.... as for now it shall remain a secret!!!! 
its all for security purposes i assure you!
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