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we did again!

we rescued another puppy. she came to us by accident but that doesnt matter because we found her a home.

our neighbors kids got a new puppy but their mom didnt let them keep her, so they gave her to their neighbors but they couldnt keep her either. so they were gonna just throw her away. :(  poor baby, she's only a few months old, maybe 3 or 4. well my brother came home and told us what happened. my sister and i got to calling to see if any of our friends/acquaintances might be interested in adopting. we're very selective though, in who we call and who we think will take care of them. well fortunately one of my sister's friend had been wanting a dog, since they had stolen hers, and decided to keep this one. she'll be well taken care of, im sure. she's coming by tomorrow to pick her up.

she's was supposed to sleep with my sister because my dog is sleeping with me and shes not very happy with a new puppy around the house. i think my sister took her out though because she keeps crying. poor baby, shes just a little scared.

well im just glad we were able to find her a loving home. if we could we would keep her but we already have four dogs.
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